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A Better Community For All (ABC4All)


A Better Community

For All - not the

Final Frontier!


Make a video - it's fun, easy and free!


ABC4All's One True Media:  Watch and

then offer any comments or ask any

questions you may have:


Skype abc4allteam

email: abc4allteam @ abc4all (dot) net



Preview of ABC4All Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) Programs

for the world for anyone alive who is receptive

with advanced technologies for water, food and shelter and many others


  • Hidden Treasure Featured Blog Post Hidden Treasure Hidden Treasure

    INVITATION TO A HIDDEN TREASURE by Burton Danet, Ph.D. (scroll down for links!) Video courtesy YUBUPA! Hidden Treasure? A world restored to a... More »

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Lux & Veritas (Light and Truth) Last Updated on 2013-02-21 00:00:00 LUX & VERITAS:  Light and Truth For the last fifteen years, since retiring as a clinical psychologist, Burt Danet has been involved with developing A Better Community for All, an outreach organization emphasizing and implementing advanced technologies for providing water, food, shelter and others around the world to those who lack adequate access to those basic needs.  The work of this laudatory enterprise can be found at The Legacy of ABC4All loa.abc4all.net. -- from Yale 1960 Class Notes   February 17 – 20, 2013:  A 4-Day Visit Confirming that it is possible to make the impossible possible. Following in the spirit of the ABC4All TALK - http://loa.abc4all.net/topics/view/83094/ -  “Making the Impossible Possible” created for the ABC4All Jamboree:  An Edutainment Production held in Long Beach,... More »
Hidden Treasure Last Updated on 2013-01-27 09:50:41 INVITATION TO A HIDDEN TREASURE by Burton Danet, Ph.D. (scroll down for links!) Video courtesy YUBUPA! Hidden Treasure? A world restored to a pristine State where all can be healthy? Can it be? If not now, when? The need could not be greater. The World's Mandate is clear. It's not a secret any more. Even as we enter A New Era for the World Forces gather to create TheShift! Many thousands, leaderless Come together, UNITY across DIVERSITY, Seeking a better life. Intention Meditation IS possible. Healing CAN take place. Peace can take hold. A child in coma CAN return to life. Total Rejuvenation? From myriad life-threatening ills? One would not have thought this possible. "Unimaginable Health Heights." Even a new paradigm for Health! Moving from Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) To... More »
ABC4All Legacy Agenda Last Updated on 2012-12-26 00:00:00 The Legacy of ABC4All Agenda   The Agenda Focus Changes; the Goal Remains the Same.   ABC4All Legacy AgendaTweets   RT @26Acts_4Newton #26ActsofKindness A UNIFYING GLOBAL FORCE. The Legacy of ABC4All adopts 26Acts: Permanent LOA Agenda www.loa.abc4all.net   @abc4allteam @26Acts_4Newton #26ActsofKindness PERMANENT part of LOA Agenda anywhere in the world   To counter senseless acts of violence, war, ecocide, genocide, inhumane treatment of others so UNITY, PEACE & HARMONY prevail in the world.   Current Date: 01/07/2013 Location:  Forbidden City Restaurant, Long Beach, California USA Time:  11:00 A.M. Pacific Standard Time   Proposal:  A Series of ABC4All / Jazz For Peace FUNdraising Concerts in support of:   @26Acts_4Newton and... More »