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ABC4All Jamboree!

ABC4All Jamboree!

FREE Admission

Historic Occasion:

Major announcements about

The ABC4All Legacy:

ABC4All Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) Programs coming your way no matter where you are in the world including wherever local support is generated to SAVE LIVES by Ending the Drinking of Polluted Water in the World with FOREVER DOUBLED DONATIONS

While you create a Legacy for you, your loved ones and your descendants!

FUNdraising Jamboree! Rally!


Special Guest Speakers

Long Beach, California USA

on 12/12/12: 

FREE ADMISSION-Donations graciously accepted.  Come and enjoy your dinner while we broadast the Jamboree across the world with speeches and entertainment!

Tax-deductible donations welcome to the Foundation For A Better Community For All (FABC)!



ABC4All Jamboree! 12/12/12 Long Beach, California USA




  1. A large celebration or party, typically a lavish and boisterous one.

Main Entry:

jamboree  [jam-buh-ree]

Part of Speech:



noisy celebration


bash*, blowout, ceremony, convention, festival, gathering, hoopla, jubilee, party, rally, revelry, shindig, wingding


Best definition for the ABC4All Jamboree! 12/12/12:


on behalf of the


and the



Why "Youngsters" and not "Youth?"  The co-founders of the ABC4All Youngsters Revolution, Yisito Muddu Kayinga and Bob Maahe Turyatunga, Uganda, decided to include children and felt that "YOUNGSTERS" would be inclusive of children and the notion that 

The Children are the Guardians of the World


  1. "The children are the future..." Uplifting song about children in English, French & Spanish This song was created with the ...


Further the ABC4All YOUNGSTERS REVOLUTION has been created and is being coordinated by 2 ABC4All Mentors from Uganda, Bob Maahe Turyatunga and Muddu Yisito Kayinga in cooperation with ABC4All CHAMPIONS who are working with Youth Coordinators around the world making possible an outreach to the projected 100 Million Youth via such organizations as the World Assembly of Youth and others.  This ABC4All CHAMPIONS effort is being spearheaded and coordinated by ABC4All Mentor Ntiokam Divine, Mentor of the Week, Co-Founder Local ABC4All / Cameroon and ABC4All Roving Ambassador / Managing Director for Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) Programs.


The following is from, "The World We Want 2015:" 

"In 2000, world leaders promised to halve extreme poverty by 2015 with a global plan called the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Thanks to millions of people taking action and a massive global effort, we have already made real progress. The number of people living in poverty has fallen to less than half of its 1990 level. Over two billion people gained access to better drinking water. The share of slum dwellers living in cities fell, improving the lives of at least 100 million people! 

Yet, 1.4 billion people still live in extreme poverty. Every 4 seconds a child dies from preventable causes and over 900 million, particularly women and young people, suffer from chronic hunger. Meanwhile our population is set to rise to 9.5 billion by 2050 and the food system is at breaking point.

Climate change threatens to destroy the lives of millions more and undo all the progress we have made so far. Inequality is growing everywhere and human rights are being undermined in the worlds most fragile and conflict affected countries while the world economy continues to falter.

Despite all of this, for the first time in history we do have the resources to end poverty and grow our world sustainably. It will take the work of all of us to make this happen and we must make our Governments listen and take action on the things that matter most to people everywhere!

The World We Want will gather the priorities of people from every corner of the world and help build a collective vision that will be used directly by the United Nations and World Leaders to plan a new development agenda launching in 2015, one that is based on the aspirations of all citizens!


Share your voice. It all starts with you. What kind of World do you Want?

Add your voice now."


The ABC4All Jamboree provides all present an opportunity to respond definitively to the question and to add your voice among all those involved with ABC4All who can do the same.  As previously stated, support is needed "from every corner of the world" to represent the rights of anyone alive who will be receptive and participate.


Come to the ABC4All Jamboree and participate with us! 


Spend 3 hours sharing your ideas and thoughts as we make a dent in answering the basic question for communities in any locale in the world as the priorities of people from every corner of the world are gathered and considered:

What would help make your personal community better for all?



Burt Danet, Founder, ABC4All

Burton Danet, Ph.D., Co-Founder, A Better Community For All (ABC4All) Implementing the ABC4All Legacy
Create a Legacy for you and your family? Ask us how!