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Summary: Two Press Releases

"No single leader or set of leaders in the world, alone, could ever achieve the universal unifying potential of all peoples throughout the world as described by these 3 gentlemen, given local political pressures that exist within and/or across any government(s)."

“What we have here is an extraordinary implementing tool that is going to allow what we are doing here together to bless the world.”Burton Danet






Legacy of ABC4All: Globalization Solutions!

The Legacy of A Better Community For All (ABC4All) offers a definitive solution to social identity, privacy and spam for no out-of-pocket cost.

ABC4All, a grassroots all-volunteer organization operating without funding, after 15.5 years of development and facilitating cooperative partners and associates, announces on 7/22/13 via Two Press Releases the establishment of ABC4All Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) Programs for anyone alive who is receptive.

Included will be the matching/doubling of all charitable contributions once the Robert Chew ABC4All Millennium Endowment Fund (RCABC4AllMEF) is established. The capability being put in place includes the ABC4All-TV WorldWide Network (AWWN) with ability to broadcast to 197 countries and to provide video conferencing from anywhere to anywhere in the world.

ABC4All/AWWN, working together with Social Market Research for Charity (SMRC) is implementing an online means to protect participants' identity.  At the same time, there is simultaneous support for charities worldwide and creating gainful employment and income -- all without expense!! -- for all participants anywhere in the world.  The network, driven by 49 satellites circling the globe, offers a reliable connection including for those in the remotest locations that exist.  Effectively the technology eliminates connection difficulties so often encountered on the Internet.

ABC4All Associates can arrange for an ABC4All Edutainment Production (e.g., via ABC4All Partner, Jazz For Peace FUNdraising Concert) anywhere in the world to support a worthwhile cause.  Present record: $250,000 for one cause in one evening.

Consider this question: Who wouldn't join if they realized that by doing so, not only will they be earning income without ever being solicited for anything and with no advertising, but they are simultaneously protecting their identity by participating? Join us and protect your identity from now on and tell others so they can protect their identities, too!

Coming soon: a no-cost smart phone for ABC4All Associates/Mentors to use with all the above described capability included as well as connectivity via any Internet Connection and via any flash-capable device available in the world!


LCE Black Box Technology of LCE Newport Beach IT, Inc.: Installation in the country of Sierra Leone, Africa initially followed by all countries within Africa and elsewhere in the world.

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CNN iReport


Legacy of ABC4All/SMRC protecting people’s real and social identity all for no out-of-pocket cost.  The Legacy of ABC4All enables ABC4All-TV WorldWide Network (AWWN) with Social Marketing Resarch for Charity (SMRC)'s definitive solution for people’s online identity/privacy problems.

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CNN iReport

Burton Danet, Ph.D., Rejuvenated Facilitator, Clinical Psychologist (retired), Founder, The ABC4All Legacy

Goodwill Ambassador, Yale Alumni / ABC4All, Goodwill Treaty for World Peace
MANDATED ACTION for What The World Needs Now: The FOREVER Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief (FCGHR) - Every day is GHRD™

P. O. Box 1624, Manhattan Beach, CA 90267-1624 USA
Tel. 1-310-712-5477 * Skype abc4allteam * eMail abc4allteam @ abc4all (dot) net 


Burton Danet, Ph.D. The Legacy of ABC4All: 

Rejuvenated Facilitator & Founder, ABC4All


A Vision of the World

Offering Sustainable Global Trade, Peace and Self-Sufficiency

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“What we want to be able to do is close the digital divide in education, we want to be able to take the global trading platform so that global trade creates global peace.  That overcomes the situation where you have so much greed that they are willing to take a machete and cut a person’s arm off.  With this platform, there will be no need to go to that extreme…[sic - rather there can be financial independence].  There develops a whole new meaning to global trade to create a whole new economy above what we have today where there is no need for greed.  It is greed that causes war to break out.” –Dennis Matthews

“This box will revolutionize education in my country…a box in Freetown, Sierra Leone will be connected to UCLA for continuous training for teachers in remote places in Africa…What I believe is, most of this world’s problems between countries are caused by ignorance, lack of communication.  What you have in mind is not what I have in mind.  If I send somebody to deliver a message, the message can be misinterpreted.   This [LCE Black Box] is a base for the world’s economy.   This is the base for one humanity.   This is a base for communication among people who do not even speak the same language.  If you can communicate to an African who does not speak English, but there is one among them who speaks English, you can communicate through him…This will reduce the high cost of communication, e.g., cable.”  --Ibrahim Bangura

“The advantage of what this represents is that it is an equalizer.  Anyone in the world, from the most remote village location to a billionaire, everyone has the same opportunities.  Now ABC4All steps in.  The Mission of ABC4All is “Maximizing Charitable Contributions On and Off The Internet™,” i.e., to double all charitable contributions embedded in every financial transaction from buying a stick of gum to purchasing a car or a home!  --Burton Danet

Highlights:  INTERVIEW by Dennis Matthews, CEO/Founder, LCE Newport Beach IT, Inc. (center), Ibrahim Bangura, Education Consultant from Sierra Leone, West Africa (left), Burt Danet, Founder, The Legacy of A Better Community For All (right) [keep the video volume very low] that allows you an opportunity to:

Listen to/watch the spontaneous, unscripted dialogue unfold of 3 people, from beginning to end, so you can begin to understand the universal dynamic and world-changing potential discussed and displayed!

See what you think.  A possible conclusion is:

No single leader or set of leaders in the world, alone, could ever achieve the universal unifying potential of all peoples throughout the world as described by these 3 gentlemen, given local political pressures that exist within and/or across any government(s).

“Live Streamers and my company, LCE Newport Beach IT, Inc. is going to be working with ABC4All to start up a very significant world-changing capability.  We are going to be using our LCE Black Box, a full-size computer system plus it has ability for streaming and video conferencing and also engaging other computer systems such as a super computer.  We are looking to take our LCE Black Box into your country, Sierra Leone, West Africa, and the continent of Africa and be able to bridge the communications.  There are a lot of families who are divided and other situations where education, medicine and global trade will be able to play a significant part. 

“We are intending to put this box into Sierra Leone to do distance education.  We will be able to connect a camera to it and transmit live over the Internet.  We will also connect back into California State University, Dominguez Hills and University of California at Los Angeles.  We will have the ability to work with Dr. Vincent Anthony at Silver Lake Hospital in Los Angeles to be able to teach about medical diagnoses/treatments, help train new doctors with latest developments in medicine. 

“In addition, instead of diamonds being used to purchase weapons, we can use diamonds as a form of trade and utilize other resources from Sierra Leone.  Our box is going to be able to link up over satellites.  So we transmit to the satellite to the US and back up to a global trade platform which is a website where different countries in Africa and other countries will be able to stream their Gross National Produce (GNP), be able to talk about their product and be able to do trade with the World Bank, with Ex-Im Bank in real time.  Once we have this type of bridge, ABC4All will be able to bring in other dynamics, such as water [and other advanced technologies], thereby closing the digital divide.”  --Dennis Matthews


A moving, dramatic and difficult background shared by Ibrahim, out of which emerges a man determined not to let his difficult and tortuous past get the better of him but instead is motivated to further his education so he can help himself, his family, his relatives, youth of his country and the world and to help establish his country as a forerunner spearheading Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) in the world.

“What we have here is an extraordinary implementing tool that is going to allow what we are doing here together to bless the world.”Burton Danet

An invention and a technology that has ability to revolutionize communication in the world effectively offering:

  • a Global Trade Platform
  • distance learning
  • telemedicine
  • sports
  • entertainment
  • ministerial and religious services

all the while offering an equalizing opportunity for persons across the world even in the most remote locations, all of whom have the same opportunity to be freed from financial limitations and to explore ways of becoming self-funded and independent while caring for loved ones and descendants. 

Such a method of opening value and opportunity to anyone alive receptive to participate offers the world a real chance for PEACE and HARMONY in the world.  In short, a model of society is offered in which anyone, any set of people from any background can find common ground in which it is seen to their advantage to cooperate, not compete and not destroy others as a way to achieve personal gain.  In short, the model offered eliminates greed and selfishness that are replaced by social responsibility.

A grassroots organization has been developed, The Legacy of ABC4All, which has worked via volunteers for 15.5 years to create global mentoring with endless demonstrations of what is possible without any funding whatsoever.  Nevertheless, ABC4All has demonstrated repeatedly the ability to facilitate cooperating partners and associates to bring myriad ways to offer REAL RELIEF to people anywhere in the form of advanced technologies for water, food, shelter and many others.


“I am an electronics engineer and inventor.  This invention helps with ministries, education, medicine, global trade, but most of all make a huge impact on human society.  I call this small system “LCE Black Box,” and that stands for “Lord Communications Earth Black Box.”  The earth itself needs communication.” –Dennis Matthews

“This technology can be used to teach people in remote locations in Africa, it will do a lot!...This makes communication so easy.” –Ibrahim Bangura

“I see Africa as being the beacon of trade in the world.  The format of uniting the continent itself could benefit the world as a whole.  I would like to unite Africa to be able to create world peace…I am a human being, and we are all one race.  My dream as an African American is to take this box and bring it to the Motherland.” –Dennis Matthews

“This little box is not just an instrument of global education, but it is consistent with the ABC4All Global Vision:  To share with all countries a true restoration of a QUIET HOPE for PEACE and HARMONY in the world.  This box does not make noise!  It offers a quiet establishment of harmony and peace. 

“Now we go to the concept of what this is going to do in terms of globally creating improvements in local communities.  We will work with Social Market Research for Charity (SCMR) to create a network that empowers people anywhere in the world – because they are using a no-cost smart phone (10 million distributed at first without cost), and just by using the smart phone people will earn income.  Then there will be multiple ways to earn money – empower people to create self-sufficiency.  What an invention this is!” –Burton Danet


LCE Black Box Technology of LCE Newport Beach IT, Inc.

Installation in the country of Sierra Leone

Mission Statement; The LCE’s Black Box technology is being made available globally by LCE Newport Beach IT, Inc. The Series 0001 Global Communications Device (GCD), together with LCE’s manufacturing, delivery, maintenance and technical support of the LCE Black box hardware are provided by LCE Newport Beach IT, Inc., Dennis Matthews, CEO. Please visit http://lcenb.com.

Objective: The LCE Black Box represents a GCD package integrated with satellite technology to be installed initially within the Country of Sierra Leone, Africa, to be followed by all countries within that continent and elsewhere in the world. The technology is a solution for educational programs/institutions, religious bodies and ministries to simplify the integration of technology into educational and ministerial services.

In addition to being integrated with the satellite technology, highlight features include, but are not limited to: (1) firmware that supports high quality video over low bandwidth channels, and (2) LCE Newport Beach IT, Inc.’s association with an existing worldwide 53-satellite network.

The GCD will carry events and messages to millions of people with computers and hand held devices using the latest in digital information and satellite technologies providing instant access to programs and information. The 53 satellites that are presently circling the globe will enable the technology. This capability avoids any connection difficulties, so common with Internet connections, including in the remotest locations in the world.


Benefit Country: LCE Newport Beach IT, Inc. has enlisted the cooperation of The Legacy of ABC4All to install this technology first to the Country of Sierra Leone, Africa. In a separate focus, an ABC4All press release on 7/22/13, announces the association between ABC4All and Social Market Research for Charity (SMRC) to create a secure network, to be set up in cooperation with LCE Newport Beach IT, Inc., that allows every participant to earn income while being assured of complete and total privacy, security and protection of one’s identity.

Please visit:

The press release, “LCE Black Box Technology of LCE Newport Beach IT, Inc.: Installation in the country of Sierra Leone, Africa initially followed by all countries within Africa and elsewhere in the world” at http://prlog.org/12178745

The Legacy of ABC4All at http://loa.abc4all.net

SMRC at http://socialmarketresearchforcharity.org 

The press release, “Legacy of ABC4All/SMRC protecting people’s real and social identity all for no out-of-pocket cost.” at http://prlog.org/12172818.

LCE’s Black Box is a unified secure communications device developed by Dennis Matthews.  Seeing the need for such a device, he worked on the project by with funding from U.S. Bank for this project..

After years of development and testing, LCE’s Black Box now has been working in many locations across the world. The past contracts reveal various stages of deployment since 2002. LCE technology currently supports millions of users in a variety of educational, religious and commercially oriented global networks. Envisioned is a full trade platform for international commercial activity.

The LCE Black box: Series 0001 will be used as the hardware solution for network installation utilized by religious groups, ministries, and academia and trade concerns worldwide as well as for The ABC4All-TV Worldwide Network (AWWN). Please visit http://awwn.abc4all.net


LCE Newport Beach IT, Inc.
Dennis Matthews, Founder/CEO
1176 Sandhill Ave
Carson, CA 90746