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A new opportunity for people…

A new economy for the world…

A new "STANDARD OF CARE" for the world…


The Legacy of A Better Community For All (ABC4All) offers model programs for youth empowering constructive lives.


A new opportunity for people – especially the Youngsters of the world age 30 and under or 3.5 billion people – to come together and support VIABLE SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS for anyone alive who is receptive, particularly from those without adequate water, food, shelter etc. but with focused emphasis on the aftermath of disasters wherever they occur in the world.


A new economy for the world always with a Give-Back Model of doing business.  The present 1087 ABC4All Mentors in 121 countries across the world become part of The Team of TEAMS setting the stage for stimulating ABC4All Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) Programs for YOUR country!


ABC4All Mentors SET THE "STANDARD OF CARE" for the world offering a new paradigm of ensuring that those in need of caring the most are addressed.


The time has come for the "Viral Loop of the Century."

Please do your share telling everyone you know and ask each to do the same!  This way those committed to help SAVE LIVES will simply CLICK!

ABC4All Cares.  ABCAll Shares.  YOU Decide!




Burton Danet, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist (retired)

Chief Executive Connector (CEC), Rejuvenated Facilitator

Founder, The Legacy of ABC4All


ABC4All Portal4Relief


ph. 1-310-712-5477 24/7 Messages

Skype: abc4allteam

abc4allteam @ abc4all (dot) net



If you give the high sign that you want to work together, then the first thing is that an email will be created for you:  xxxxxxxx@abc4all.net and which will forward emails received to xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.  This sets up a SECURE email for you that does not have the same risks as others.   Thanks for understanding.  Note please that this process will be streamlined when our "authority site," in development is released...

Participation Guidelines

ABC4All supports worthwhile causes and nonprofits/NGOs worldwide (more coming):

Best Regards,

Burton Danet, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist (retired)
Founder, ABC4All Portal4Relief

Step 1:
Please provide your present email address.  Before adding you to the project, an ABC4All email will be set up for you on the ABC4All Server.  You can have forwarded all the emails sent to ABC4All Mentors to another email, but we are requesting that all ABC4All Mentors have an email via ABC4All to avoid spamming, hijacking and hacking which is a problem often encountered with free email services.

Step 2:
Please take a profile at http://tigweb.org
Be sure to include your country of residence.
Send me your user name.
You will be added as Partner/Mentor to ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project  http://projects.tigweb.org/abc4allglobalteam
and will then receive a welcoming email and a donated copy of the electronic version of Bryant McGill's book, "Voice of Reason."

Step 3:
Join ABC4All Portal4Relief
if you need password, use joinghrp

Step 4:
Join Global Citizens Initiative
and receive a FREE donated copy of Ron Israel's book, "Global CITIZENSHIP"