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by ABC4All Mentor, Rommy Wuhe, Nigeria


ABC4AllMentor Rommy Wuhe


From Rommy's Corner says:

"Love, and then peace to the world"

The Love Foundation, home of

Global Love Day agrees:

"Love Begins With Me"


When asked, "Do you want a better world? Will you 'Lend a Hand' to help make it so?"

I always say yes + to the two questions, and will ever remain humble, as long as things are done the right way to fulfillments.

The consumption of potable water is a daily lively fuel meant for building in us health, energy, and then strength to carry on the journey into success.

But the question I have always been asking myself is, how many have gotten the opportunity of, or to clean, and when I mean clean, I mean well treated potable water in the world?

The Idea Path2RELIEF |A New WWW! Well Water4World

Is, and will ever remain a brilliant one based on my experiences in Kaduna state, in the northern part, and Lagos State of Nigeria, West Africa.

But, before taking you to my untold experience in Kaduna state, as it is always said, charity begins at home, to end with dot abc4all dot net, I’ll first take you to my in house environment, or community, which is, “ Mbaiber Kingdom, in Ishangev-ya, from Kwande local government area of Benue State. Nigeria/W. Africa.

The experience in Nigeria on Water/Food/Shelter/No constant energy {Light}/Computer&Internet/ Hopeful need for media revival, using “ ABC4ALL Talk Show on W.L.T. Edutainment Radio/TV. Then concerts, another opportunity as a means to educate the public on human rights, especially now that the world is boiling under tension, and stagnant due to the poverty rate that in turn speaks the language of “ A hungry man is an angry lion, the orientation will help us achieve Peace before our other life saving initiatives. We all need peaceful environment before investing into development.

AGRICULTURAL VALUES, done from the root; Benue is an Agricultural State that is known as "THE FOOD BASKET OF THE NATION," I believe there is a reason for every name, but honestly, Benue state is only living by its past glorious mark it has made, it no longer deliver impressive result of from the past.

Now, how can we regain the Agricultural strength of the state for Nigeria/Africa etc?=If ABC4All/Partners and its technologies, making our cooperation positively possible with everything used dedicatedly to saving lives, by making available the Mechanized Farming Division {MFD}:

High development of farming tools will encourage agricultural development, it will create job opportunity for youth willing to make good use of themselves. Mechanized farming is all I am talking about, that will invite “The Agricultural Technology from PAW{TAT-PAW}” in times of health heights to achieving that which leads to success.


Now, my story in Benue state during my late mother’s burial period, I became sick because of the bad water system all over. There was no choice but to drink it, since there was no other way. Experiencing that, I knew that they, too, are with no choice but to dink bad water. Here is one good example of our community water, taken by hundreds/thousands of people of all seizes, just imagine if you are in their shoes, what would you do?

That is one very good among the many reasons why is am happy to give cooperation as a part of those participating with all that ABC4All is doing.

I ask that all the good-hearted receptive people of the world, come out and join us in ABC4All to participate in the wonderful life-saving programs, either as a Mentor with ABC4All/As partners/Affiliates etc, to be able us deal permanently with the issue of water etc.

First, looking at so much that ABC4All Mentors and Partners are doing.

Thank God ABC4All is bringing Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) to the world for anyone receptive in the form of advanced technologies for water, food and shelter, via ABC4All WorldSolutions™  http://abc4all.net/worldsolutions.htm



Here is the Kaduna state experience, where you discover that, even the borehole given is down in this community.

Here is a broken water pipeline, connected by few, now, that broken pipe has become an opportunity for other to gain access into clean water.

OUR ENVIRONMENT AND HOUSING PROBLEMS. All photo taken by ABC4All Mentor Rommy Wuhe=Atomgbe II.


Actually I felt disappointed with myself as a failure, because, couldn't help my people, my community, which I believe it will come, even though some think it is a dream without reality.

I have been thinking of relocating to my home community, where, I will get myself fully involved into community development.

Most of the programs built are from the root, from the R2U communities.

And knowing where to capture always lie in from of the chief as the number one citizen to the others, a very easy but powerful network, the best way to become one.

I will appreciate what is being done to encourage the works, I have been crying ever since of the things needed to enable movement.

I need media materials, presently do not have access to the internet because, I do not have money, I don't want to slow things, I know where we are going, can't be in without the tools needed to make reality.

Thank God ABC4All is bringing Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) to the world for anyone receptive in the form of advanced technologies for water, food and shelter, via ABC4All WorldSolutions™  http://abc4all.net/worldsolutions.htm

Bob's vision of the Path of 8 Petals is fully in place:  http://abc4all.net/8petals.htm

Let us proceed.

So many in the world "...await A Better Community For All."