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Ideas for Peace

What are your ideas for PEACE?

Keep spreading The World of A Better Community For All (ABC4All) and implement, in full, the Legacy of ABC4All.  -- Burt Danet

Let's spread the word so this will prepare us for the "Viral Loop of the Century" on 12/12/12. http://121212.abc4all.net

A time to celebrate for 24 hours in EVERY TIME ZONE with an ABC4All / Jazz For Peace FUNdraising Concert on behalf of Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) for anyone alive who is receptive.  All broadcast via the AWWN via 49 satellites so anyone with a cellphone / Internet connection can tune in for 30 minutes during that 24 hour period and learn all about the ABC4All Global Relief Distribution (GRD) Programs. 

  • Rahayu Eka Sari My idea is, 1'st.. Telecomunication Provider should do direct connection so people won't get mess where trying to communicate directly to their people

  • Syed Muddsar Hussain All spiritual teachings and religions of the world call for universal and eternal truths of love, peace, kindness and brotherhood of man. They call to promote self control, sacrifice, harmony, non-violence and understanding,If we follow their teaching we can create a heaven on earth.
  • Syed Muddsar Hussain No peace without justice. No justice without forgiveness and no forgiveness without compassion.

    Syed Muddsar Hussain In today’s world there is a dire need of ethical and multi-faith dialogue. There are common values that human beings share, irrespective of religion, nationality or ethnicity. These values include the sanctity of life, freedom, equality, respect for human rights, international humanitarian law, commitment of cultural and religious diversity, human dignity, human development, democracy, the rule of law and equitable access to the earth’s resources and equitable distribution of power.

    Syed Muddsar Hussain Peace education in schools is essential and through a national database, can be used as a way of networking and informing the general public. At a global level, the role of UNESCO as well as the whole organizations is important to spread its message of a culture of peace to overcome violence and conflicts.

  • Bettina Gonschorek There will be no peace and no lasting peace when there is no sufficient emotional maturity within people and especially parents, since this is the basis from which all derives.
  • Burton Danet Gracias Evelinda, Bettina, Syed !!


Peace Education is a set of human values and not simply a subject. It is a life time endeavour which doesn’t always bear immediate results but rather requires perseverance to bear fruits.

Orumor Kelvin Peace is a collection of every bodies contribution to d well being of a society.ikc
plato owulezi
My ideas for peace: -

Love your neighbor as yourself, remember it takes absence to value presence. Share your goodness little by little, bit by bit, family by family, religion by religion, so much good can be done on so many levels. We have come into a place of relationship and an inseparable oneness with one another.

Benoit Couture
Benoit Couture (Stay-at-home-dad-citizen-voter-taxpayer) wrote:
Inner appeasement comes when my decision making gets freed from my isolated sense of right and wrong by The Spirit of life''s justice. From this live inner appeasement is peace rooted to grow into joy. Although I know that this second birth came to me from Jesus-Christ, I've come to call the experience: "The passage from the spiritual division of human DNA to the organic experience of spiritual unity". Then from personal inner peace and joy can communal peace in homes, neighborhoods, nations grow to heal the world from spiritual death's power over humanity."

Lynne McTaggart Hi Burt, thank you for this opportunity. To truly achieve peace, as I wrote in The Bond, we have to abandon the most fundamental principle underlying Western society, which is that in order for me to win, you have to lose.