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ABC4All Legacy Agenda

The Legacy of ABC4All Agenda


The Agenda Focus Changes; the Goal Remains the Same.


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RT @26Acts_4Newton #26ActsofKindness A UNIFYING GLOBAL FORCE. The Legacy of ABC4All adopts 26Acts: Permanent LOA Agenda


@abc4allteam @26Acts_4Newton #26ActsofKindness PERMANENT part of LOA Agenda anywhere in the world


To counter senseless acts of violence, war, ecocide, genocide, inhumane treatment of others so UNITY, PEACE & HARMONY prevail in the world.


Current Date: 01/07/2013

Location:  Forbidden City Restaurant, Long Beach, California USA

Time:  11:00 A.M. Pacific Standard Time



A Series of ABC4All / Jazz For Peace FUNdraising Concerts in support of:


  • @26Acts_4Newton and #26ActsOfKindness


  • A Dream to Create a Hospice so Clients do not Die Alone


  • Artwork, Vision of Unity and Peace, 2013 Project


  • The Work by a Community Hero in support of Long Beach, CA nonprofits at Forbidden City Restaurant Museum


  • Research regarding a Treatment Program for HIV/AIDS Clients


  • Support for Children and Youth in Africa


For the full Agenda:  Download here

NOTE:  The Legacy of ABC4All Agenda is always a working document, i.e., anyone participating can offer edits, suggestions for additions/deletions and add their own ideas.  Thus the Agenda becomes the equivalent of a “One Page Business Plan” which can be modified by common agreement among those participating and is never to be seen as a final document but a plan in progress.



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