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Hidden Treasure

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by Burton Danet, Ph.D. (scroll down for links!)

Video courtesy YUBUPA!

Hidden Treasure?
A world restored to a pristine
State where all can be healthy?
Can it be?

If not now, when?
The need could not be greater.
The World's Mandate is clear.
It's not a secret any more.

Even as we enter
A New Era for the World
Forces gather to create

Many thousands, leaderless
Come together,
Seeking a better life.

Intention Meditation IS possible.
Healing CAN take place.
Peace can take hold.
A child in coma CAN return to life.

Total Rejuvenation?
From myriad life-threatening ills?
One would not have thought this possible.
"Unimaginable Health Heights."

Even a new paradigm for Health!
Moving from Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO)
To Improving Health Maintenance (IHM)!
Simple enough.

The Path of 8 Petals!
Yes a new paradigm,
Something many long for
Now can become reality.

Indeed the Hidden Treasure
Has come to Consciousness
And Angels on Earth, some even scientists,
Make it possible for anyone receptive.

The Sum of it all?
A Better Community
For All
! That's it now.
A Team of TEAMs!

All across our world.
Creating better local and
Global conditions
For all.


From CLICK here or on the image! "HIDDEN TREASURES - The Sequel to LOOKING GLASS"

The sequel to LOOKING GLASS, a collection of poems written by individuals who explore the world around them and within themselves in a unique way. (Edited and Reviewed with Contributions by Jeffrey DeCristofaro.)



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